How Many People Are Affected by Electrocution?

Whether you are working on a DIY project at home, or you are a professional electrician on a job site, electrical safety is always a top concern whenever you work with electrical components. Electrocution is a very real peril for everyone. While there are always safety precautions that can be taken, the risk of electrocution should never be taken lightly, especially in industries like construction and agriculture in particular. According to recent statistics, electrical hazards of all kinds cause more than 300 deaths and over 4000 injuries each year among workers in the US. That makes electrocution the sixth highest on the list of causes for workplace deaths in the United States alone.

Unfortunately, fatalities and serious injuries caused by electrocution are not limited to the workforce. There are also many cases each year where children and adults encounter electrical safety issues which lead to injuries and death. These electrocutions are often caused by contact with things like downed power lines or conductive materials that come into contact with downed power lines such as wet branches or metal wire fences. While most injuries and fatalities related to electrical safety issues do occur at work, it is important for the average person to be aware of the possible dangers related to electrocution.

Electrical Safety Tips

No matter what type of trade or job you are involved in , it is always important to be aware of the safety precautions you need to take to avoid electrocution. Workers who work at heights such as roofers, tree trimmers, communication contractors and others should always be given proper training and information about what to do when encountering a downed power line or other electrical hazard. At home there are other electrical safety tips to be aware of as well. Making sure power is shut off at the fuse or breaker panel whenever you need to interact with an electric component at home is vital to maintaining proper electrical safety when completing DIY tasks. Keeping wet or conductive material away from power outlets at home is also beneficial. You may also consider having a certified electrical expert like the ones at A Max Electrical visit your home to assess the safety of your electrical systems. There are plenty of new and improved devices such as tamper-resistant power receptacles available on the market today that can help keep you and your family safe from any injuries caused by electrocution.

For more information about electrical safety tips at home or at the workplace, feel free to contact the expert electricians at A Max Electrical.